H/T Inlet Marsh

Acting on a lead from Inlet Marsh regarding Pizzagate, the pedophile/human trafficking scandal allegedly involving many well-known politicians, I found many sources reporting the same thing.

According to “an FBI insider,” there will be 70 arrests made this week in Washington and New York of famous politicians involved in the human trafficking of children. The FBI insider did not name names, but did provide the initials of many on the arrest list, which matched the names of known persons already suspected to be involved.

The source of the viral story appears to be this anonymous post on 4chan…. Pizzagate. I am simply relaying what I have found. Part of me says this is fake news, part of me says this is very real. We will see. This is obviously NOT something the mainstream media will report, as it is very damaging to their bosses on the left. Use your own judgement.


Pizzagate arrests have already been made on the west coast, according to this source.