The University of Missouri’s student body president, Payton Head, is apologizing “for scaring everybody with false KKK on campus rumor.”

It was a rough night on the campus of the University of Missouri, thanks in large part to Student Body President Payton Head. Head posted on Facebook earlier in the night that the KKK was confirmed on campus and that he was working with “the MUPD, the state trooper and the National Guard.”

The only problem with that terrifying statement is it wasn’t true and Head was forced to delete the post and apologize:

Given Head’s central role in recent protests at Mizzou, some may not be surprised to find a connection between Head, from an upper middle class Chicago neighborhood, and the nation’s community organizer in chief, Barack Obama. Per his Facebook page, the two met in July, 2011 when Head visited the White House.

There are also as yet unconfirmed Internet reports that Head interned for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Payton Head came from an upper middle class black family in Cook county. He was at the core of the debate over racial tensions. He wrote a long and vivid story on his experience at MU, and posted it on Facebook. Despite being only 7% of the student population, the student council is overwhelmingly (100%) black.

Who is Payton Head? Payton head was an honor student from Chicago. He is openly gay, and calls himself a Christian. He is well traveled. Within one year of his senior graduation from high school, Head traveled to Europe. He met Barack Obama. https://www.facebook…35072167&type=3 When he got to MU, he was selected to be a guide. Not many get that privilege. He resigned that position, and spent the summer in Chicago working on behalf of Rahm Emanuel. Here is a link showing Head being hugged by coldfish Emanuel. Although he is a third year student, Payton Head is still undeclared, but he is very interested in Social Justice. He has helped with seminars in Columbia, and elsewhere on Social Justice. In these seminars they talk about gender inequities, racial discrimination, same sex relationships, and the whole spectrum of sexual deviancy.

Also, Head’s father Lawrence was a Chicago high school principal apparently fired for performance, who then went on to sue the school system.

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