One of the very few things I am going to miss about the past eight years is Crazy Uncle Joe Biden, Mr. Gaffe-a-minute.

In a keenly insightful offering, President Trump has recognized this and nominated Rick Perry to serve as his Energy Secretary.

We are not as likely to see Perry as often as we saw Crazy Uncle Joe, but when we do you can be sure the cameras will be rolling to capture an almost certain side-splitting gaffe.

Confirmation hearings are typically dry, somber events, but Friday’s confirmation hearing of Rick Perry as President Trump’s Energy Secretary offered a light moment that had Republicans and Democrats alike howling with laughter.

It started when Sen. Al Franken took his turn to question Gov. Perry during his confirmation hearing for the position of Secretary of Energy, according to Hot Air. “Thank you so much for coming into my office,” Franken said. Then he added a quip, “Did you enjoy meeting me?” This brought a few laughs.

“I hope you are as much fun on that dais as you were on your couch,” Perry replied. No one laughed right away but when Franken did a double-take and shook his head people began laughing.

Perry then recovered saying, “May I rephrase that, sir?”

“Please! Please. Please.” Franken replied. When he added, “Oh my lord,” the whole room seemed to be laughing. Perry was laughing so hard he turned away from the cameras for a moment.

“Well, I think we’ve found our Saturday Night Live soundbite,” Perry said finally. This brought a real laugh from Franken who was an SNL comic and writer for several decades before running for the Senate in 2008. Here’s the clip.

(note former Navy SEAL and combat hero Marcus Luttrell over Perry’s right shoulder)