Have you ever lost ten dollars? You know, like lost track of it? It was in your pocket, but then it was gone, and you hated that you lost it, and you couldn’t figure out what happened to it. And then you found it on top of your dresser.

How about 9 trillion dollars? Ever lost 9 trillion dollars? Yeah, me neither. But your federal government has, and in only eight short months.

Shortly after Barack Hussein took office, money started disappearing from the Federal Reserve and no one could tell where it had gone.

Damn, I hate when that happens!

In eight short months during Barack Hussein’s first two years in office nine trillion dollars disappeared from the Federal Reserve.

Who cares, right? Nine trillion dollars. Chicken feed.

Nine trillion dollarsĀ is $30,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States, and it disappeared in eight months in 2009/2010, and no one can account for it. That is $120,000 an American family of four is liable for, and it was lost, spent, stolen, squandered, and/or embezzled in just eight short months.

Now, check out the size of the audience in the congressional hearing in the video. No one is there. That’s how much this matters to those we elect to Congress. They don’t care!

The words have not been invented to express my disgust over this. “Worthless fucking government parasites!” That’s as close as I can come.