H/T Craig Wood

This is just how far we have gone down the rabbit hole, folks. Barack Hussein and his lackey Attorney General Loretta Lynch are fighting in federal court to allow non-citizens to vote in the upcoming election.

The fight is to repeal existing law in several states which allows only citizens to vote in our elections, which is a sacred civic duty and privilege of citizens only, as it is in every country, and as it should be.

Several states have made it a requirement to prove citizenship in order to register to vote, in accordance with our Constitution. Again, Barack Hussein is attempting to violate our Constitution.

According to Lou Dobbs of Fox News, “The Obama administration is fighting in federal court to strike down an election rule that ensures only citizens vote.

If the adminstration prevails it could allow non-citizens to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

This is another trashing of our Constitution which gives the right to determine elector qualifications to the respective states. This can be found in both Article I, Scection 2 of the Constitution and also in the 17th Amendment.

Violating our Constitution is simply business as usual for Barack Hussein.