In an article for WND, Larry Klayman urges President-elect Donald Trump to “not turn the other cheek” regarding Barack Hussein and the Clintons, adding, “Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and their ilk are not ‘good people,’ as The Donald, trying to offer his hand in peace, recently put it. They are evil to the core and must be dealt with accordingly.”

I agree wholeheartedly. Hussein and the Clintons are indeed “evil to the core.” Forget about being Mr. Nice Guy, President Trump. Our Constitution has been shredded by Hussein, and the Clintons have thumbed their noses at America for decades, operating as unaccountable gangsters. Their lofty stature does not exempt them from American law, and allowing them to get away without accounting will be a stain on your presidency and a violation of the trust the American people have in you. Dealing with their blatant disregard for American law should be Step #1 in “draining the swamp.” (be sure to answer our poll question at the end of this article)

“How naïve can establishment political pundits be?” asks Klayman. “I hate to say it, and I am not just pounding my chest, but no one – repeat, no one – understands the Clinton-Obama gang and the way Washington, D.C., works better than I do.

I predicted it weeks ago, after Donald J. Trump won the presidency on Nov. 8, 2016, as a result primarily of white working class backlash against the discriminatory policies and actions of President Barack Hussein Obama, an invidious anti-white, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian racist who Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton had wrapped herself around politically. Clinton and her comrades in rank criminality – and I am pointing my finger at her sleazy campaign manager, former Clinton White House chief of staff John Podesta, Huma Abedin, her Palestinian girlfriend with family ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Cheryl Mills, her corrupt lawyer and top adviser, her “hit man,” the Mafia-connected Harold Ickes, and Terry McAuliffe, the Clinton fundraiser and now governor of Virginia who paved the way for criminals and illegals to vote – will simply not go quietly into the night.

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Their latest Obama/Hillary caper is to try to deny or at least delegitimize the election of Trump as president by having one of their other corrupt tools, John Brennan, the director of the Central Intelligence Agency – who has ironically and dangerously been rumored to have secretly converted to Islam years ago – leak false information to another tool, or should I really say leftist fools, at that rag of a failing newspaper, the Washington Post. In this regard, without any verification, Brennan and his yes-men at the CIA told the Post that Russia had in effect fixed the presidential election so that Trump would win the presidency. Never mind that neither the FBI nor any other allegedly legitimate government source corroborated this; it does not matter to these criminals. This deed was done to try to convince the presidential electors of the Electoral College not to confirm Trump’s election as president this Monday, Dec. 19, when they figuratively meet to vote.

Added to this growing conspiratorial chorus to deny the will of the American people for Trump to be inaugurated as our 45th president are the beautiful leftist tools of the self-anointed Hollywood elite. Just yesterday, the likes of Martin Sheen, along with other ‘confused’ actors and actresses, published a video begging the electors not to vote to confirm Trump as president, falsely claiming that the Founding Fathers were in effect instructing the electors from their graves not to vote for The Donald, since he is a ‘demagogue.’ Sheen, who played the Democratic leftist president on NBC’s hit drama television series ‘West Wing,’ which also caricatured me as the ‘demagogue’ activist lawyer Harry Klaypool of Freedom Watch, appeared like a castrated Democrat donkey in this video widely circulated on social media. He certainly did not emit the aura of his rather potent and bizarre son Charlie, who at least in his well-documented eccentricity does not try to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes about who he is. Martin Sheen, no matter how hard he may try, is no Founding Father. Perhaps better put he is a ‘Floundering Father’ – just ask Charlie, who apparently did not benefit from Martin’s ‘moral superiority.’

But tongue in cheek metaphors aside, the primary villain here is CIA Director Brennan. Brennan has disgraced not just his agency, but also has cast a veil of sleaze over the entire intelligence community. Indeed, some credibility and respect for the rule of law has for a long time been sorely needed among those in the intelligence community. The CIA, in particular, has been caught red-handed lying about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction to pave the way for the disastrous war in Iraq, subverting the truth about the real reasons for the Benghazi terrorist attacks, going along with Hillary’s and Obama’s false narrative that it was the result of a video on social media critical of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, and other illegal scams to feather the nest of corrupt Washington D.C. politicians. And to make matters considerably worse, Brennan’s CIA, under the rule of Hussein Obama, has been exposed by a CIA government contractor whistleblower as having systematically engaged in coercive domestic spying against prominent and other American citizens who have no connection to terrorists, terrorism, nor were in the act of committing crimes against the nation…. major criminality, which is currently being investigated at the highest levels of the FBI.

When a band of Obama-Clinton criminals, working in conjunction with a corrupt CIA director, can try to overturn the will of We the People, the nation is in grave danger. Never before in our 240-year history has the citizenry witnessed and been subjected to such rank ‘whoredom’ and deceit, and if these Obama-Clinton criminals are successful in subverting the presidential election results, undoubtedly bloody revolution will result.

But even if, as predicted, the Electoral College nevertheless confirms Trump this Monday, all of this shows how low our body politic has sunk. And, it now rests with we patriots to legally eliminate once and for all the Obama-Clinton criminals, so these ‘demagogues’ cannot get up off the mat and rise again. They must be legally neutralized if We the People are to work with our new president to ‘Make America Great Again.’ The Obama-Clinton criminals are not just pesky mosquitoes; they are infected with a deadly virus more life-threatening than Zika.

Join with me, fellow patriots, at Freedom Watch to do whatever we can to hold them accountable. Incoming President Trump should join with all similar patriots to not turn the other cheek again, before it is too late for him and the nation he loves. Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama and their ilk are not ‘good people,’ as The Donald, trying to offer his hand in peace, recently put it. They are evil to the core and must be dealt with accordingly.”

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