Charles Hurt of Breitbart suggests awarding Donald Trump the Nobel Peace Prize.

Not a bad idea, notwithstanding the still stinging memories of Barack Hussein receiving a Nobel that was neither justified nor deserved.

According to wikipedia, “The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to United States President Barack Obama for his ‘extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.'”

In the words of Larry the cable guy, “That right there is funny, I don’t care who you are!”

If I had to guess where Barack was when he received news of his Nobel award less than eight months into his train wreck presidency, I would guess the golf course, as that is where he has spent the majority of the past eight years in his “extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.”

While I agree with Mr. Hurt that The Donald is deserving of recognition, I would prefer he be awarded whatever is behind Door #3 on Let’s Make A Deal. Far more credible and valuable.

From Charles Hurt, Breitbart

Donald Trump — the modern day Paul Revere — rocked the political world when he jumped into the race last year warning about the invasion across America’s southern border that politicians in both parties had been desperately trying to cover up for years. Actually, Revere did not have it nearly so hard as Mr. Trump, who was branded a bigot and a racist and anti-American for simply arguing that America should enforce our duly enacted immigration laws and secure our border.

Mr. Trump stuck with the issue and rode it all the way to the Republican nomination.

Granted, Mr. Trump always does things his own way. Such as when he celebrated Cinco de Mayo by posing for picture eating a taco bowl from Trump Tower, giving a thumbs-up and pronouncing: “I love Hispanics!” Not exactly a campaign strategy taught at the Georgetown University for Politicians.

Call it Taco Bowl Diplomacy. But, apparently, it works!

Mr. Trump swooped into Mexico City on short notice Wednesday to meet with Mexico’s president, Enrique Pena Nieto, who has compared Mr. Trump to Adolf Hitler. Mr. Pena Nieto left the private meeting saying he is “certain” thatMr. Trump’s “genuine interest is to build a relationship that might lead us to provide both our societies better conditions.”

So, just like Hitler viewed Germany and Poland. Either that or Mr. Pena Nieto is just the latest victim of the lies and smears by the U.S. media and the dishonest political class.

Mr. Pena Nieto acknowledged the “fundamental right that each of the countries has to defend its border.” Talking like that Mr. Pena Nieto would get kicked out of the Democratic Party in the U.S.

He also repeatedly expressed his respect for the electoral process in America — a foreign concept to our own president who, even while traveling abroad, has denounced Mr. Trump’s qualifications and temperament to be president.

On specific substantive issues, Mr. Pena Nieto conceded every major point that Mr. Trump has built his entire political campaign on.

The North American Free Trade Agreement needs to be improved, he said. The border is porous and must to be secured. Criminals, guns, drugs, slaves and money pass back and forth with terrifying ease.

Mr. Pena Nieto went out of his way to complain about guns being smuggled across the border into Mexico, a humiliating shot at Mr. Obama and his former Attorney General Eric Holder who were caught in a scheme to ship illegally-obtained guns to drug dealers and kingpins in Mexico.

He also seemed to scold Mr. Obama’s open-border policy as a blinking neon “welcome” sign, drawing tens of thousands of people from all over the world into his country on their way into America.

“There is still a joint challenge including the increasing number of non-Mexicans who cross through our country in order to reach the United States, therein creating serious human crises,” he said.

Mr. Trump was cordial and statesmanlike — if blunt.

“No one wins in either country when human smugglers and drug traffickers prey on innocent people, when cartels commit acts of violence, when illegal weapons and cash flow from the United States into Mexico or when migrants from Central America make the dangerous trek — and it is very, very dangerous — into Mexico or the United States without legal authorization,” he said.

Of course, the only question reporters asked was about how offended Mexicans have been by Mr. Trump and does Mr. Trump want to say sorry. Oh, and will Mexico really pay for the wall?

As the question was being interpreted for Mr. Pena Nieto, Mr. Trump stepped in. “Well, I’ll start. Nothing like an easy question.”

Yes, they discussed the wall and their mutual desire to secure the border. No, he said, they did not talk about how Mexico will pay for it because it was a preliminary meeting. Sometimes best to leave thornier issues to later.

As for the insults?

“A lot of the things I said are very strong, but we have to be strong,” Mr. Trump explained. “We have to say what is happening. There is crime. As you know, there is a lot of crime and a lot of problems but I think together we will solve problems.”

Mr. Trump’s opponent, meanwhile, was back in the U.S. giving a lecture on “American exceptionalism.” It has been 270 days since she held a press conference. Oh, and Hillary Clinton was consoling her most trusted consigliere who has just left her dirtbag husband after he sexted a picture of his “private” part alongside his baby son, lying in bed.

I’m sorry which one of these candidates isn’t fit to be president?

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