H/T Thomas C S Paine and Joe LaVeque
This is incredible! Hitlery actually had the cojones (yes, I do believe she owns a pair) to plant a teen actor (can’t call them actresses any more, gotta’ be PC  gender neutral) in the audience to perform ask her a scripted question at a town hall event in Haverford, Pennsylvania Tuesday night.

“Hi, Madam Secretary. I’m Brennan and I’m 15 years old. At my school body image is a really big issue for girls my age. I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look. As the first female president how would you undo some of that damage and help girls understand that they are so much more than just what they look like?”

Translation: “Hi, Madam Secretary (only liberals can identify gender without question). I’m Brennan and I’m 15 years old. My friends and I hate our bodies and we lay awake at night knowing that Donald Trump is out there somewhere calling us “Fatty Fat Fatsos.” As the first president with a vagina (wild presumption) how are you going to fix the damage that Donald Trump has done to obese wastes of flesh like us?”

“Hi, Brennan. What a beautiful name, like Walter (howling with laughter at her own joke). I crack myself up! Yes, I feel your pain, because you are so right, I have a vagina. Those of us with vaginas must stick together…. so to speak. You must understand that Donald Trump is evil and he is out there, and you and your friends must vote for me so that he can’t hurt you. I know, I know, you are only 15. Doesn’t matter. Vote anyway. You know how to buy beer, right? (howling laughter again, this time with an uncontrollable Parkinson’s twitch). Vote several times. No one is watching. Tell your parents and grandparents to vote for me so that Donald Trump will go away and we can all finally get some sleep at night. Excuse me? Your grandparents are dead? Doesn’t matter. They can vote. See my assistant at the back of the gym on your way out, the one with the large breasts and crew cut. She will show you how that works. Next question.”