In a Sunday morning tweetstorm, President Trump showed that his patience is growing thin with the laughable Russian collusion investigation being led by swamp rat Robert Mueller.

President Trump has endured this egregious affront to justice without interfering while the Democrats and their willing accomplices in the mainstream media have fabricated and promoted the preposterous Russian fairy tale that has died on the vine.

So, where do the Democrats, Mueller, and the mainstream media go from here now that the Russian fairy tale has been completely debunked?

Why, the Middle East, of course. Surely, the Keystone cops (FBI) can find one link between President Trump and any nefarious character of Arabic origin. That should be enough for impeachment.

And, all the while, President Trump puts up with the nonsense, believing, apparently, that any move on his part to end the Democrat witch hunt, which he has full constitutional authority to do, may drive the liberal weenies and their complicit media brethren into a frenzied fight to have the president impeached. Perilous times for the chief executive, to be sure.

Nonetheless, President Trump is not the type to submit to the constant flogging without resistance. He has grown very weary of the corrupt morons on the left and this weekend began tweeting what appears to be the end of his patience.


“Republicans and real Americans should start getting tough on this Scam.”


I am doing all I can from my pitiful perch at Powdered Wig. Herr Zuckerberg and the other assclowns passing for social media titans have driven my traffic into the ground. Powdered Wig’s peak Facebook reach of 15 million (a year or two ago) is now in the 100,000 range. We didn’t do that. We have changed nothing in our operation. FASCISTBOOK did that!

I remain very disappointed in the apathy of American patriots who sit idly by while our president, who has had their six since his inauguration, are watching from the sidelines while he is being skewered by the Democrats and the media.

March on Washington, damn it! Show this president, his treasonous enemy on the left side of the congressional aisle, and their lapdogs in the media, that you support President Trump 100%, and that you too are sick and tired of their bullshit!

Please, President Trump, at some point you must purge the real cause of all of this national misery perpetrated by the left, the swamp, and the media – Jeff Sessions. He is a swamp rat of the first rank. It is no longer plausible to believe that he is merely incompetent. He is corrupt. He is “one of them,” one of the swamp creatures all patriots want to disappear.

Fire Sessions NOW!

It is now time to take the gloves off and take care of business. The left has damaged itself so badly, I don’t believe they can muster anywhere near the support necessary to launch an impeachment, let alone hope for a conviction. But, just in case, it will be wise to wait until we see what the new Congress looks like. Then, should the GOP maintain control of both chambers, which I fully expect, go to town! Tear them up! No prisoners! Lock up every damned one of the swamp rats.

2019 is going to be an awesome year!