Nikolai Shmatko is a world-renowned sculptor from Ukraine. He has created a bust of Donald Trump, whom he admires greatly.

Shmatko has also created a series of videos relaying his thoughts on Donald Trump, his impact on America and the entire planet. I have included one, below. I agree with Shmatko on every count.

There is one point, however, which he mentions in a couple of his videos, that I have a slightly different perspective on. He claims that Donald Trump will bring a new and better world order. “New world order” is not language that I would have chosen, but I doubt Shmatko understands the western stigma associated with the term. I understand what he means – the world will be changed for the better, and that is true.

Instead of a “new world order” I see a “restored world order,” much like the world order that existed when Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev were running the planet, except probably even much better.

Nikolai Shmatko on Donald Trump: “He is the heart of the USA…. I am pretty sure that the world is going to get better. The Americans are going to receive the prizes of their lives…. The time has prepared this place exactly for Donald Trump.”