By Thomas Madison

In a radio interview with John Catsimatidis, Newt Gingrich declared, “If Trump comes in with 45 percent or more of the delegates, he’s gonna be the nominee. You would have a civil war if people stepped in, if the old guard stepped in, and tried to steal the nomination.┬áNow if Trump somehow stumbles in Florida, stumbles in Ohio, you’ve got a little bit of a different story . Now there’s a real brawl.”

“And frankly, if he wins both Ohio and Florida, it’s just over,” Newt added.

Never a shrinking violet when it comes to politically incorrect plain speech, Newt laid it all out there. And he is right. Donald Trump, the irresistible force facing the terrified establishment is going to win Florida, and he is currently six points ahead of Kasich in Ohio.

The relevant exchange in the following audio clip is from the 1:30 mark to around the 3:30 mark.

Just a note about the general election, should Trump receive the nomination. What some pundits are not seeing yet is New York. It has been a Democrat stronghold since Reagan’s reelection, and is being chalked up as a guaranteed blue state. It is not even being considered a battleground state. I believe it is! Donald Trump is a very popular figure and homeboy in the Empire State. It may be close, but I predict The Donald will win New York.