The simple genius and common sense of Newt Gingrich come shining through in this video from the Iowa Freedom Summit, January, 2015. In my opinion, the most brilliant leader in Washington since Thomas Jefferson, Newt speaks in straight, unvarnished language, political correctness be damned!

Looking very vice-presidential, Newt discusses in completely candid, direct, and honest language, the sort that Mom and Pop America use at the kitchen table, the scourge ┬áthat is radical Islam. Newt declares, in no uncertain terms, that we are facing a huge problem that is “about America’s survival.”

In yesterday’s Powdered Wig poll, readers shared their choice for Donald Trump’s vice-presidential pick. Newt is currently the overwhelming choice at over 50% of responses. His closest competitor is Jeff Sessions at 10%.

Even though the entire 18-minute video is fantastic, I included a few of my favorite politically incorrect excerpts….

Newt opened with the following declaration: “I wanted to come to talk about something that I think is extraordinarily serious, and not political in any normal sense. It’s about America’s survival. And I want to say to you flatly that almost 14 years after 9-11 the United States today is losing the war with radical Islamists.”

“Now, I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about President Obama’s pathological incapacity to deal with reality (eliciting much laughter from the audience). Because I think that’s what it is. There’s no point in trying to get him to learn how to say the words, ‘radical Islamists’ because he has a speech impediment which blocks him from being able to say the words.”

I am very proud of my service in the United States Army. Ronald Reagan was my Commander-in-Chief. However, I am absolutely ashamed of the politically correct, disgusting leadership that now finds itself at the head of the Army. Our current military leaders are boot-licking politicians, not military leaders! Discussing the Fort Hood massacre, Newt, and he is the only national figure I have heard mention this depressing truth, relayed my exact feelings on the Pentagon’s new, repulsive brand of leadership: “Even the institution of the US Army is so corrupted by the intellectual dishonesty we now live with, they described it as a workplace incident.”

“I have no problem with Muslims who are prepared to live in diversity. But, if you are a Muslim who believes you are going to impose Shariah by cutting off my head, I have a desire to kill you before you cut off my head.” Standing ovation and much applause.

“This is as intellectually significant a fight as the development of anti-communism was between 1945 and 1950.”

Speaking of Ronald Reagan: “One night, in 1947, he’s sitting around chatting with a guy. And this guy says to him, ‘I am a genuine Stalinist, and when we win you are the kind of person we’re either going to put in jail or we’re going to kill.’ And Reagan went home and he thought to himself, ‘Gee, I wonder what that guy meant?’ And being a relatively simple person, not somebody who’d been to Harvard Law School, who’d been thoroughly educated in how to avoid reality (audience laughter), Reagan said to himself, “Gosh, I guess he meant if he wins, they will either put me in jail or kill me.’ And then, Reagan, in a totally selfish, narrow attitude decided he didn’t want them to win. And it was just one of those acts that proved that Reagan was becoming a right-winger.”