We patriots have been living in hell not only for the past eight years, but since January, 1993 when Slick Willie and the Wicked Witch of Benghazi moved into the White House.

After eight years of Animal House and eight more of W’s beltway establishment show, and now ending with the inept command and failed social engineering project of a socialist golfer, we are finally getting a president again, and the White House Press Corps is not happy about it.

No longer will the official Democrat Politburo Propaganda Division, aka the mainstream media, be permitted to openly editorialize against all politicians who are not card-carrying members of the beltway elite. They will no longer have their blatantly partisan liberal way.

There is a new sheriff in town. He is the quintessential Alpha Male, and he detests liberalism, he loves America and its people, he hates the bureaucratic behemoth our federal government has become, and most of all he hates unfairness, especially in the press, and even more especially when he is the target of that unfairness. Make no mistake, CNN, you may wind up covering White House press conferences from across the street if you have not recognized yet that this president will not cave to political correctness and be pushed around by you partisan liberal hacks.