It’s official! Donald Trump won the Electoral College vote 304-224 yesterday. As with all Electoral College votes, the die was cast in the November election, and the Electoral College was simply validating the general election results.

There was one very symbolically powerful scene in Raleigh, North Carolina as the fifteen electors marched to the State Capitol singing “God Bless America” and holding a sign that most have reported as a thank you from North Carolina to Donald Trump, bit it may be a sign from Trump to the people of North Carolina thanking them for their votes and their confidence. I’m going with the latter. Trump’s signature can be seen in the lower right corner of the large banner.

No display of such patriotism would be complete without its attendant morons. Listen at the :05 mark below as a whiny protester shouts to the electors, “vote your conscience,” the newest buzzmantra from the left who have been beside themselves since November 8 and likely will be for the next four years.