By Thomas Madison

In the latest NBC Republican presidential poll, there are few stunning and significant facts:

  1. Donald Trump is leaving the pack waaaaaaaaaaaay behind in a trail of dust. Actually, he is much farther ahead than that. His dust has already cleared and the pack has lost sight of him. The Donald is absolutely crushing the field, leading his closest competitor, Senor Canadian Cruz, by 34 points!
  2. The new establishment favorite, Marco Rubio, has less than 1/5 the support Trump has amassed. Here’s the amazing part – Rubio is a homeboy, born and raised in the Sunshine State! If you can do no better than 10% in your home state, what the hell are you wasting all that time and money for?
  3. Poor Jeb Bush. If he claims he isn’t embarrassed by his position in the NBC Florida polls, at fourth place, and 3%, he is lying. Hell, I’m embarrassed for him! The fact is, Donald Trump has nearly twenty times the support of Bush in the state Jebbie was governor of…. TWICE!