By Howard Portnoy

One of Barack Hussein’s resident Islamists chief advisors, Mohamed Elibiary, is “speculating” that Donald Trump, via what they believe are mob ties, was behind the pressure cooker bombs found in New York.

These liberal Democrats/Muslim apologists actually believe that you will fall for that, that if they tell you it is snowing in Miami in July that you are stupid enough to believe it.

Pot, meet kettle. A man who produced a number of pro-terrorist tweets back when he was a member of the Obama adminstraton has taken to Twitter again, this to weigh in on the New York City bombing Saturday.

Mohamed Elibiary served as a Department of Homeland Security adviser to the president throughSeptember of 2014 when he was dismissed for having tweeted out his admiration for the Muslim Brotherhood and support for Islamism.

Yesterday, he posted the following message to his Twitter account (which is still active!):

It’s hard to say what is most noxious about this conspiracy theory coming from this particular cretin, but maybe authorities would be wise to look more deeply at Elibiary’s potential ties to the suspect, who has been identified as Ahmad Khan Rahami.