In an interview with¬†fellow Aussie journalist John Pilger, who, unlike Assange, lives and works in London voluntarily, Pilger opened the interview by asking Assange accusingly, “What is WikiLeaks doing? Are they trying to put Trump in the White House?”

Assange quickly replied, “Trump would not be permitted to win” without WikiLeaks’ help. He then explains why. I am certain that Assange is correct on that.

Also, have you ever wondered, of the tens of thousands of emails WikiLeaks has made public, which email does Julian Assange feel is the most significant, the most damning?

It is a 2014 email from the Wicked Witch of Benghazi to her Chief of Goons John Podesta that Assange considers the most significant, in which she confirms, in Assange’s words, “that ISIL/ISIS is funded by Saudia Arabia and Qatar. The GOVERNMENTS of Saudia Arabia and Qatar. I think this is the most significant email in the whole collection,” explains Assange.

Incredulous, Pilger responds, “ISIL, or ISIS, is created largely with money from the very people who are giving money to the Clinton Foundation?”

Staring soberly into Pilger’s eyes and nodding, Assange confirms, “Yes!” After an uncomfortable pause, Assange¬†continuing to stare and nod in the affirmitive, the speechless Pilger breaks the silence, declaring simply, “That’s extraordinary,” a word that has a much deeper connotative meaning in British and Aussie English than in American English.

Are you wondering why this particular blockbuster email did not make a bigger splash? I believe there are two reasons….

  1. Our corrupt-as-the-Clintons mainstream media have given the damning email little to no air time/print, for obvious reasons. As a cog in the sinister establishment machine the mainstream media is doing all it can to protect Slick and Hitlery, colluding with the slimy Clintons to maintain the establishment status quo that has been killing the American Dream for decades so that the establishment loyalists (read: traitors) themselves may be enriched.
  2. Even though the email is a bombshell confirmation, its content is something that has been believed so deeply by the American people for a long time already that it really isn’t a great revelation, just a confirmation, of what was already believed. In other words, we already knew that!

However, now there is documented proof from the Wicked Witch herself that she is in bed with, and her campaign for President of the United States is being funded by, the very same nefarious actors who are financing the most evil force the world has known since the Nazis, and who have brutally tortured and murdered tens of thousands of innocent people, including Americans, some on American soil, the very same people Hitlery would be charged with protecting. Is there any question that President Hitlery would continue her cozy relationship with the financiers of Evil, Inc? No, there isn’t!

Yet, the major public opinion polls show this race is tight. Many show Hitlery in the lead. Either the pollsters are on the Democrat payroll and lying or the world is in very serious trouble. We will find out in four days!