That Vladimir Putin, what a cut up. Always clowning. Now he is invading Korea, which was news to me, but Maxine Waters (Latin: Maximus Doofus), the Capitol Hill resident moron, says it is true, so it must be, right?

While liberal weenies everywhere are assailing Kellyanne Conway for misspeaking in regard to an incident in Bowling Green, Kentucky, said weenies are absolutely silent when a sitting member of Congress struts to the nearest microphone and tells a straight up lie.

The impeachment mantra from the left continues unabated. If they are screaming “IMPEACHMENT!” after just two weeks in office, what will they be advocating in a year after President Trump has made a great deal of headway into reversing their incompetence? Execution?

Other notable Moron Maxine Waters quotes….




Ummm, you mean like Affirmative Action?