Juan Williams is a certified moron, a disgusting individual, and a poor excuse for an American.

Watch as Williams, unable to find anything else to criticize President Trump for, slams him for being patriotic.

Patriotism to liberals is a weakness suffered by people they consider beneath them and totally ignorant, even though it has been our patriotic men and women in uniform who have sacrificed and paid the price for morons like Williams to enjoy the liberty and prosperity they take for granted, as though liberty and prosperity grow on trees.

As I have said before, President Trump could find a cure for cancer and Juan Williams and his fellow mouth-breathing liberal imbeciles would join in the mantra, “Oh, great! Now oncologists across the country are going to be in the unemployment line. Way to add to the unemployment rolls, Trump!”

Not surprisingly, there were comments in response to the video including one by a total assclown who believes America should be spending all of its money on free sandwiches for everyone instead of defending our national security. I couldn’t let that one go without a response (following the video)

bigraviolees: Trump the GOP and their propaganda machine fox spews are all fake lying freaks. Call them out and they overcompensate as if hot air will mask the obvious. Add another trillion to the military and deny the nation food Kim Il style you freaks

Thomas Madison: What a load of crap!

Our military spending is 3.3% of GDP, nowhere near the highest in the world. Nations that REALLY have starving people spend more. Russia spends more, Saudi Arabia spends more, peace-loving Sweden spends more, Israel spends more, Jordan spends more! North Korea spends 22% of its GDP on the military. MANY nations spend more.

It is the strength of the American military that has saved not only the United States in desperate times, but many other nations as well. Only a blind, ignorant liberal weenie like Juan Williams would find fault with that. His miserable ass is free to trash his country because of the United States military. Plain and simple.

Furthermore, if you want a sandwich, go find yourself a sandwich! Don’t expect Uncle Sam to come and spoon feed you, then wipe your ass. America is NOT your daddy! YOU take care of you. Don’t expect Uncle Sam to do it.