By Thomas Madison

When a liberal mouthpiece like MSNBC sings the praises of a Republican presidential candidate, you know said candidate is on fire. Such was the kind and gentle treatment Donald Trump received on MSNBC’S Morning Joe program yesterday.

A consensus of guest panelists, including former DNC chief Howard Dean, attempted to explain the Trump phenomenon, citing the daily reports over the past three months that Trump was a flash in the pan, he wouldn’t last, it’s a long way to go until election day, etc.

In the end, with much more honesty than Fox News, the panel agreed that the Trump phenomenon is real, not going away, and barring an unfortunate gaffe by Trump himself, is certain to continue snowballing.

Face it, pundits, Donald Trump is a transformative figure a la Ronald Reagan. The American people are sending the message loudly and clearly that they are sick of what used to pass for American politics.

H/T The Right Scoop