H/T Jim Browski

Huffington Post writer Alex Mohajer claims Hillary Clinton is the rightful president and is calling for the federal courts to stop Donald Trump from taking office.

A segment on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight went completely bananas tonight over subjects as varied as Russia, Lyndon LaRouche, The Daily Caller and birtherism, among others.

Host Tucker Carlson brought Alex Mohajer on this evening to discuss an article he wrote for Huffington Post where he makes the case that Hillary Clinton is the legitimate President of the United States. Mohajer, in his piece, stated that Trump had been groomed by Russia since the ’80s, citing an article by Executive Intelligence Review from 1987.

Carlson pointed out that EIR is a publication by well-known conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche, asking Mohajer why didn’t he just cite a “Scientology source” and wondering if he thought it was a legitimate news source.

And then that’s when things broke down! The HuffPost writer hit back, saying that Carlson was the editor-in-chief of The Daily Caller and that for years that site questioned the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency.

The two went back and forth for a couple of minutes, with Carlson eventually threatening to end the interview because of his feeling that Mohajer was “saying Lyndon LaRouche is a legitimate news source.”

“I don’t say that you are a crappy journalist because of The Daily Caller,” Mohajer retorted.

“Your point is stupid,” Carlson answered. Finally, after some more bickering, Tucker cut him off, ending it by calling the writer a “Democratic political operative.