Have you ever gotten the urge to destroy your cell phone or your tablet? You know, like smash it with a hammer or saw it in half or throw it into a blazing furnace? Have you ever instructed anyone working for you to do that…. to over a dozen of your personal communication devices?

Yeah, I didn’t think so. Me neither!┬áBut that is exactly what the Wicked Witch of Benghazi instructed her State Department underlings to do. Why? So that no prying eyes would be privy to the criminal business of the┬áDepartment of Clinton Foundation State, obviously.

During its investigation into Hitlery’s classified email train wreck the FBI requested that she turn over several mobile communication devices she used as Secretary of State, and wouldn’t you know it, darn it, none of those devices could be found.

According to Washington Examiner, Hillary Clinton used 13 different personal mobile devices to either make calls or access her surreptitious email address, including eight she used while working at the State Department. But she was unable to find any of them to assist in the FBI’s investigation, according to notes the agency released Friday, and had at least some of them smashed with a hammer.

Clinton’s law firm, Williams & Connolly, said it was “unable locate any of these devices,” the FBI said. Clinton aide Justin Cooper claimed to have destroyed at least some of Clinton’s old Blackberries by breaking them in half or smashing them with a hammer.

The FBI published 58 pages of notes from its July interrogation with Clinton in response to Freedom of Information Act requests that had been filed. The documents include information about the personal server Clinton kept in her home, as well as notes from interviews with her aides.

The FBI’s investigation “determined Clinton used in succession 11 e-mail capable BlackBerry mobile devices associated” with two phone numbers, the FBI stated, “eight of which she used during her tenure as Secretary of State.” The bureau added that the investigation “identified Clinton used two email capable mobile devices” associated with one of her numbers during her tenure.

Of course, Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife had no recollection of these devices or their eventual retirement ceremonies.