Grab a barf bag and check out this steaming pile of elitist Hollywood entitlement delivered by Meryl Streep at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

Dripping with clueless condescension, Streep’s whiny, teary rant against all things popular with the folks at the end of her ample schnoz, namely Main Street America and the president they recently chose because they are absolutely sick of the elitist liars like the Clintons and Barack Hussein, who all have close ties to the cesspool we know as Hollywood.

“If you kick them all out, you’ll have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts.” whined Streep, regarding all those Hollywood actors who found their way to Entitlementville from other parts of the world, like Italy and Ireland. Right, Meryl, Donald Trump wants to kick out Italians and the Irish.

Another bit of juicy fiction, which we in the flyover country that Streep only sees from 30,000 feet (imagine all of the unwashed morons she can look down her nose at from that altitude) is the lie that Donald Trump “imitated a disabled reporter.” Thanks for perpetuating another Michael-Brown-hands-up-type lie, Meryl. Trump has used the same spastic gesture to imitate Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, but the brain-dead elitists in Hollywood won’t let something as inconvenient as the truth get in the way of a good lie, and that’s what actors are – liars. Professional liars. They get paid a lot of money to make us believe something that isn’t real, like all liberals. No wonder they are so close to the Clintons and Barack Hussein! Peas in a pod of complete fiction.

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