Angela Merkel, the controversial Chancellor of Germany, has been in the forefront of the news, especially in Europe, where her open arms/open borders immigration non-policy has infuriated many Germans and turned the once peaceful and prosperous nation into Europe’s largest welfare state.

And the migrants keep coming. In a Powdered Wig story from a few days ago, the greatest of ironies was noted regarding the Muslim invasion of Europe. Lake Como, Italy, an upper crust hideaway to the rich and famous, like George Clooney, is being overrun by Muslim refugees, most of whom were in transit to Germany via Switzerland, when they were turned back at the Swiss border, as the Swiss are no longer allowing Muslim refugees into its country for any reason, even just to transit through to Germany. Thus, the refugees are stuck at beautiful Lake Como, camping in the streets, with nowhere else to go.

While George Clooney has been slamming President Trump for curbing Muslim immigration, his $10 million, 30-room Lake Como mansion must look very appealing to the refugees who find themselves stranded in the Alpine lake community. Poetic justice! Link…. George Clueless

And it is all Merkel’s fault. She is destroying her country and possibly the entire continent. She is a hapless clown. Watch Tracy Ullman’s spot-on impersonation of the “Iron Chancellor.”