By Thomas Madison

Just DAMN! Katrina Pierson has only been on the job as Donald Trump’s spokesperson for two months. She is one sharp lady!

Three weeks into her new job, Katrina was interviewed by CNN weenie, Brian Stetzer, who tried to corner the newby at every turn, only to have his ass handed to him in every instance by a virtual novice. Imagine how good she is going to be in six months! Future White House spokesperson? I can’t imagine a better one.

Stetzer challenged Trump’s claim that the media was completely biased. Katrina shoved legitimate example after legitimate example in his face, leaving him like a deer in the headlights, stumbling over his words, and even agreeing with her on a few of the points she clobbered him with.

Stetzer thought he had an easy target and would destroy his guest with tough gotcha’ questions. Katrina wiped the floor with this assclown, turning his intended ambush in an interrogation on his and the media’s own dishonesty.