President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence made a surprise stop at Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery where the remains of those lost in Iraq and Afghanistan are laid to rest. Shaking hands with and hugging Gold Star families, the President and Vice President paid tribute to those lost and took the time to grieve with and thank their families. One mother became very emotional as she asked President Trump to remember her son Jimmy….

“Jimmy knew he wasn’t coming home. Jimmy knew he wasn’t coming home and he said, ‘Mama, I hope that people don’t forget that I ever lived.’ And if you could remember just ‘Jimmy’ that would mean so much to me.”

President Trump replied that he would and that Jimmy was “looking down and very happy.” Vice-President Pence appeared near tears as the mother of the fallen Marine was relaying her son’s wish. President Trump then took the time to take a picture with a young boy. His heartfelt devotion was evident as he held the boy close and patted his shoulder.

To anyone who watches this video and believes that the scene is contrived and/or the emotions not genuine, all I can say is you are a poor excuse for an American.