H/T Jim Traywick

Saturday Night Live has not been funny, in my opinion, in a very long time, but this is hilarious! Sent to me by Powdered Wig reader Jim Traywick. Thanks, Jim!

Watch as three liberal weenie researchers present a prototype to their liberal weenie investors, a translation helmet that can translate the thoughts of animals into spoken English.

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And, it works! Their research subject, a dog named Max, begins telling the liberal investors and researchers just how much he loves President Trump and why he loves him so much.

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This is more than the liberal investors can handle, and to highlight her liberal hypocrisy, one of the investors whips out a handgun and threatens to shoot Max if he doesn’t stop with the Trump love.

I must have watched this video ten times today and laughed harder each time, especially at the 3:10 mark when Max points out his owner’s hypocrisy on abortion.