H/T Jim Traywick

Saturday Night Live has not been funny, in my opinion, in a very long time, but this is hilarious! Sent to me by Powdered Wig reader Jim Traywick. Thanks, Jim!

Watch as three liberal weenie researchers present a prototype to their liberal weenie investors, a translation helmet that can translate the thoughts of animals into spoken English.

And, it works! Their research subject, a dog named Max, begins telling the liberal investors and researchers just how much he loves President Trump and why he loves him so much.

This is more than the liberal investors can handle, and to highlight her liberal hypocrisy, one of the investors whips out a handgun and threatens to shoot Max if he doesn’t stop with the Trump love.

I must have watched this video ten times today and laughed harder each time, especially at the 3:10 mark when Max points out his owner’s hypocrisy on abortion.