THIS is why liberals get no respect from normal, everyday people.

Matt Harrigan is CEO of PacketSled, a California tech company. He is also a liberal weenie, and is now under federal investigation for threatening to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump with a sniper rifle.

In a related development, poor, stupid Matt is also unemployed, placed on administrative leave by PacketSled, where he was CEO. See PacketSled’s statement at the bottom of this article.


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Tweet this to Drudge, Fox, Infowars, FBI, CIA, SS, Donald and Eric to get this more public. CIA can’t hide.

I have called the Secret Service and they told me they are already investigating this and they have all the information. Wouldn’t hurt if others called, in case there is a shill picking up the phone calls.


Roland Cero Your company is a threat to national security and your actions show only of protecting him. His comments were very clear. And as he said “bring it”. We will bring it to show everyone including company’s that invested in you and companies that work with you.
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