It isn’t at all funny. In fact, I have to feel sorry for this moron poor guy, Matt Harrigan. He was a successful tech CEO in California, he was apparently a Hitlery supporter,  and he got drunk on election night, then threatened to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump with a sniper rifle, warning, among other things, “Find a bedroom in the whitehouse that suits you, motherfucker. I’ll find you.”

Brilliant, right? Now he is in hiding with his family due to all of the death threats that patriots have sent his way.

In our original article on this story just a few days ago it was clear that Harrigan was fired. He now claims that he resigned. Whatever. His life is in shambles.

Note to Matt: NEVER post drunk, and if you do, be sure to get up at the crack of dawn and edit or delete your post, and pray that your stupidity hasn’t gone viral already. They say the internet is forever, and they ain’t kidding!