From Christopher Klinges
“An excerpt from Hillary Rodham Clinton’s college thesis. Inspired by her ideological hero (later her mentor) Saul Alinsky, Hillary muses on radicalism.

Read it a few times. The conclusion she reaches is that real change is not effected by altering laws and institutions, but by changing the nature and thoughts of people.

She doesn’t approach this ideal from a humanistic direction however – and certainly not from a grace-mediated hope. No. Her methodology is Marxist inspired.

She’s NOT talking about passing new laws here, or even about building concensus toward a worthwhile goal. She’s advocating re-education camps or indoctrination centers for the “people” to bring them up to speed with her Utopian visions. If she should succeed in her political ambition, get ready to re-learn everything.”

Hat tip to Graham from Down Under – link to the full transcript of the Wicked Witch of Benghazi’s college thesis…. Scary as hell!