By Thomas Madison

Trey Gowdy questioned the Josef Mengele of our time on Capitol Hill yesterday, who claimed in thinly-veiled condescending language that Planned Parenthood is a fair and decent organization that gives campaign contributions to Republicans.

When Gowdy asked her to name some Republicans that Planned Parenthood has supported, she stammered, searching for an answer, any answer. She settled for, “Well, I don’t actually want… (deer in the headlights look)… I… in this public forum I’m not going to raise their names because they have since been the targets of their fellow members…” Yeah, that’s the ticket! I’m not going to mention their names because I am protecting them from evil conservatives.

Gowdy shot back, “Well, the donations are public,” to which Frau Mengele replied, staring and stammering, “And some of them… yep… I… I don’t know in terms of federal office…”

Translation: “I’m lying my ass off. I got nothing! Pleeeeeease get me out of here!”