Lil’ Wayne is a rich dude, a rap star and┬áproducer. But, what Lil’ Wayne is not is a racist.

Personifying the old adage, “Never judge a book by its cover,” Lil’ Wayne describes, in the first video, below, how “my life was saved by a white man” after he accidentally shot himself in the chest at twelve years old during a police drug raid.

He goes on to describe how “Uncle Bob,” a white cop participating in the raid, picked him up and ordered one of the police officers to drive them to the hospital, where he stayed with Wayne until the attending doctor assured the officer that Lil’ Wayne was going to be alright.

In the next video, below, Lil’ Wayne grants a rare interview to ABC’s Nightline.

Nightline interviewer Linsey Davis appears to be attempting to bait Wayne into voicing his support for Black Lives Matter, to pigeonhole him, to lead him into saying anything racist or divisive.

Lil’ Wayne doesn’t take the bait. He realizes what is happening, scolds Davis, removes his microphone, and ends the interview, not at all happy with her attempt to set him up and force him to say anything divisive, obviously for the sake of ratings and advertising revenue.

Lil’ Wayne not taking her bait proves that he is much smarter than her as he refused┬áto participate in her set up.