H/T Inlet Marsh

Ami Horowitz went onto the street to find the answer to the burning question, “Is it racist to require a photo ID to vote?”

Overwhelmingly, liberal elites thought it was very racist to require photo IDs to vote. One of the liberal answers as to why it is racist to require photo IDs to vote…. “They are less likely to have state IDs.” Translation: “Only normal, smart people need IDs. Black people don’t need them.”

Horowitz explained that you don’t even have to go to a DMV any longer to get a photo ID. You can actually get one online. He then asked one young liberal airhead, “Do you think that it’s harder for black people to go online?” She responded, “Well, they feel like they don’t have the knowledge of how it (the internet) works. For most of the communities they don’t really know what is out there just because they’re not aware, or like they’re not informed.” Translation: “Black people are simply not bright enough to use the internet.”

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Another dizzy liberal thought it is racist to require photo IDs to vote because in states like Florida there are a lot of black felons. I know, I know, what the hell any of that has to do with photo IDs is a mystery to me too. I figure her cognitive processes are so superior to mortals like us that we simply don’t get it. She’s right. I don’t get it!

Then Horowitz went to Harlem and asked several black passersby if they had photo IDs. All of them had photo IDs, and were actually confused by the absurdity of the question, explaining that EVERYONE has a photo ID. It is a necessity.

Yep! Tell that to the Democrats who have kept blacks on the plantation of dependency for decades and who are now using blacks as an excuse to prevent voter ID laws so that illegal aliens and other liberal Democrat scumbags can vote many times.

When shown the video of the white liberals and their opinions of why it is racist to require a photo ID to vote, the black respondents were very offended, and rightly so. They were much kinder in their criticism of the the brainless liberals than I would have been. “Ignorant” was the word most used to describe the liberal numbskulls. “Racist” and “stupid” were two others. Again, I would not have been so kind!

The Democrat Party has always been the party of racism, the founding party of the KKK, Jim Crow, and the obstacle to civil rights for 100 years. Some things never change. Racism in the Democrat Party is as reliable as the sunrise.