Photo, above: Donald Trump supporters line up nearly three hours before start of Columbus, Ohio rally, image via Twitter.

By Thomas Madison

Donald Trump sold out the venue in Columbus, Ohio, despite the best efforts of a liberal conspiracy.

Their devious plan? To reserve as many free tickets as possible to the Trump rally (all of them, if possible), then not attend, forcing Trump to speak before an empty venue. Due to the liberal conspiracy, all tickets were sold out three days prior to the event.

However, like all liberal schemes, their attempt to sabotage the rally was marked by typical liberal performance…. abject FAILURE!

It seems the event organizers simply continued to admit all who wanted to attend right up until Trump’s arrival, filling the venue to the overflow point.

From Kristinn Taylor, Breitbart

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is holding a ‘sold out’ rally in Columbus, Ohio Monday evening.

15,000 supporters are expected to attend the event at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

The Columbus Dispatch reported the last tickets were claimed Friday night, three days before the Monday night rally.

“Going to Ohio, home of one of the worst presidential candidates in history–Kasich. Can’t debate, loves #ObamaCare–dummy!”

(Live stream of rally at 7 p.m. on YouTube.)

A bunch of liberals announced online their plans to sabotage attendance at Trump’s rally by placing orders for the free tickets available at the Eventbrite site and then not showing up. (Side note, even though the event was deemed a ‘sell out’, Eventbrite still was offering tickets to the rally as of 5:30 p.m. EST, ninety minutes before the rally. Probably tickets not claimed that were sent to bogus email addresses.)

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