Practically a mirror image of the US presidential election of 2016, today’s French presidential election pits populist underdog and Trump fan, Marine Le Pen, against establishment insider, Emmanuel Macron, with decades of political experience and a ton of personal baggage.

Like the US election, the liberal mainstream media and the pollsters in France are solidly behind the establishment candidate, Macron, who pollsters are declaring will be the first French president to win with over 60% of the vote.

Also like the US election, the establishment leftists are openly cheating to win, and like the US election, they don’t really care who knows it.

Many French voters have received their ballots in a large envelope in the mail, some of which contained two Macron ballots and no Le Pen ballot, while others contained a perfectly intact Macron ballot and a torn Le Pen ballot. Torn ballots are invalid and will be disqualified.

In the following video, watch as the ballot envelopes are opened to reveal perfectly intact Macron ballots and torn, invalid Le Pen ballots.

Oh, those leftists, such clever devils, yes?

The very survival of the European Union and the political establishment is dependent upon this election, thus, as was the case with President Trump’s, the huge (European in this case) deep state and establishment machine are pulling every trick in the book to defeat Le Pen, a nationalist/populist, who favors following Britain’s Brexit…. “Au Revoir, EU,” which should cripple the liberal Big Brother confederacy.

C’est la vie!