Remember when politicians from both sides of the aisle, self-proclaimed political pundits, and out-of-touch talking heads in the mainstream media laughed uncontrollably at the mere idea of Donald Trump even making it through the gauntlet of sixteen Republican opponents to win the GOP nomination? Then their howling laughter became even louder when The Donald won the nomination, because they were certain that there was absolutely no way that We the People would elect Donald Trump. After all, he was saying crazy things like border security, build a wall, crush ISIS, America First trade reform, stronger military, cutting taxes, taking better care of our veterans. You know, CRAAAAAZY stuff!

I sat in amazement watching Fox News, and so-called pundits like Dana Perino and Charles Krauthammer slam Donald Trump, who did the best he could to defend himself against what seemed insurmountable odds already, but now the news source I trusted most was hammering Trump like the leftist tools in the Alphabet Network Club. I could hardly believe it. And I was a Foxaholic!

I stopped watching Fox on the night of August 6, 2015 when Megyn Kelly showed her ass and her hateful bias against Donald Trump. I have not watched Fox since and I do not miss it a bit!┬áThe mainstream media has done all it could to defeat Trump. Thankfully, they are not stronger than We the People. Who’s laughing now?