Karl Rove, who I refer to as Konsistently Rong, was interviewed by a grinning Tucker Carlson recently, who was close to cracking up watching Rove squirm to escape Carlson’s question as to to why he, Rove, was so wrong about Donald Trump, who Rove predicted would lose badly to the Wicked Witch of Benghazi.

Rong, the Fox News “assclown with a whiteboard,” became growingly uncomfortable as the grinning Carlson continued to back him into a corner with the same charge, “You miscalled this again and again.”

After watching the video, below, be sure to come back and watch this video of just how Konsistently Rong the “assclown with a whiteboard” is (from an article I published in March)…. Rong AGAIN!

From The Daily Caller

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson faced an increasingly agitated Karl Rove on Tuesday night when he asked the former senior adviser to George W. Bush why Rove had failed to predict Donald Trump’s stunning election victory this month.

Rove, who consistently predicted bad electoral news for Trump, wasn’t anxious to discuss the issue on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and immediately started talking about how “a lot of smart people” had predicted that a Trump win would spike the financial markets.

Carlson brought Rove back on track. “My question and I think it’s a really significant one — is why did nobody call any of this ahead of time and I am including you in this, why did nobody see this coming?” Carlson asked. “Have you taken a moment to ask yourself with all the data in the world at my disposal was I unable to see this?”

Rove refused to answer immediately, saying instead that Carlson was “one of a handful of people” who predicted the outcome.

After reminding Rove that Carlson was “not talking about me, I’m talking about you,” Rove shot back, “If you want to keep going, fine; but I’ll be happy to answer the question.”

The best thing about a whiteboard is you can erase it over and over.