If you want to hear uncensored, unvarnished commentary on the state of affairs in American politics today, listen to Judge Jeanine Pirro. It’s like reading Powdered Wig without the occasional salty language.

In honest, direct language, Judge Jeanine accurately describes the thinking of We the People today on the corrupt, swampy mess we know as Washington, DC, a den of career parasite swamp rats in government positions who find themselves threatened by the new sheriff in town, President Trump, who was sent to Washington by We the People to drain that very swamp.

Thus far, President Trump is doing a splendid job, notwithstanding the efforts of swamp rats in high places who are brazen enough to break the law, violate the Constitution, and stick their nasty middle fingers in the faces of Mom and Pop America to get what they want, a return to the status quo gravy train.

No one said draining the swamp was going to be easy. I have full trust and confidence in the man we hired to get the job done.

Hang on, folks. Here come da’ judge!

From BizPac Review

Judge Jeanine thinks the U.S. is coming to a tipping point.

Judge Jeanine Pirro was filling in for Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity Monday night when she went off on the spectacle that’s become of Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation into alleged wrongdoings by the Trump campaign team and his administration.

“The sad part of it is you’ve got Andrew McCabe, who should have been fired the day Christopher Wray came in and Christopher Wray hasn’t done it makes me concerned about the new head of the FBI, Christopher Wray.”

“And you’ve got Rosenstein with all of his conflicts, he’s supervising Mueller, who’s best friends with Comey. And I could go on and on.”

Fox News Analyst Gregg Jarrett agreed and expressed frustration with Attorney General Jeff Sessions for not yet stepping in (at least publicly) over the probe that’s been revealed to be led by  highly biased, partisan FBI and DOJ agents with an axe to grind against President Trump.

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Democrat Doug Schoen also agreed, saying there needs to be serious house cleaning within the “justice system.”

“Whatever side you’re on, it’s very tainted,” Schoen said.

Pirro went off.

“I agree with you. This is not supposed to be this way. Politics and the FBI and the department of justice, 64% of Americans think that the FBI’s withholding documents, because they are!


Pirro warned the situation was much worse than a “constitutional crisis” as Schoen suggested.

“It’s more than a constitutional crisis.”

“We are at the point where people are about to revolt because they don’t have the right to run Washington this way. And that’s my final thought.”

Pirro’s fiery tirade came after interviewing Republican U.S. Rep Jim Jordan on her own show “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Sunday.

Jordan dropped a bombshell that subpoenas will be issued amid growing concerns about anti-Trump bias among senior FBI and Justice Department officials.

“We are going to subpoena Andrew McCabe, subpoena Peter Strzok,” Jordan declared.