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Nine-year-old Jordan McLinn of Indianapolis suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and was on hand for President Trump’s historic signing of the Right to Try Act, which allows patients with terminal illnesses to try experimental treatments.

While President Trump is busy addressing the crowd, Jordan stands up from his wheelchair to give the president a hug.

With his attention diverted, President Trump is unaware of Jordan’s attempted embrace.

After two or three attempts to hug the president, Jordan finally gets his attention and the hug he wanted, which made him, the audience, and the whole world light up.

As expected, Trump-haters came out of the woodwork to criticize President Trump for the most adorable scene they will ever see.

From Fox 59

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump has signed legislation that would help people with deadly diseases try experimental treatments.

Trump signed the Right to Try bill on Wednesday. He called it a “fundamental freedom” that will provide hope and save lives.

The bill cleared the House last week following an emotional debate in which Republicans said it would help thousands of people in search of hope. Many Democrats said the measure was dangerous and would give patients false hope.

Indianapolis 9-year-old Jordan McLinn was there for the signing. McLinn has a deadly form of muscular dystrophy. He and his mom Laura have been tireless advocates for “right to try” laws nationwide. The bill bears the boy’s name.

Trump embraced the plan during his State of the Union address, saying people who are terminally ill shouldn’t have to leave the country to seek cures.

The measure gives people diagnosed with life-threatening conditions who have exhausted treatment options access to unproven drugs without needing permission from the Food and Drug Administration.

McLinn has been accepted into a clinical trial, receiving weekly infusions in Chicago.