By Thomas Madison

Photo, above: She is not selling Rolex knock-offs in Times Square. Her bomb vest failed to detonate during a Jihadi crash of a Jordanian wedding. She has now received her gift for martyrdom – she is well hung.

Put to death were Sajida al-Rishawi, the Iraqi would-be suicide bomber whose release ISIS had previously requested, and Ziad Karbouli, a former top aide to the deceased leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the spokesman said.

Al-Rishawi was executed for her role in a 2005 suicide bombing at a wedding reception in Jordan that killed dozens. Karbouli was sentenced to death in 2007 after he was convicted of acts of terrorism that killed one person, the plotting of more terrorist attacks and the possession of explosives, the Jordanian spokesman said.

The executions come a day after video and stills appeared to show a Jordanian military pilot being burned alive while confined in a cage.

CNN is not showing images of the killing, which triggered global condemnation and prompted immediate promises of retaliation and protests in Jordan, one of more than 60 nations involved in the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.

The 22-minute video begins with an attack on Jordan’s King Abdullah II, suggesting he is to blame for what happened to the pilot, Moath al-Kasasbeh.

A short time after the video became public, Jordanian military spokesman Mamdouh Al Amri said al-Kasasbeh was “assassinated” on January 3.

“Those who doubted the atrocities committed by ISIS now have the proof,” Jordanian government spokesman Mohammad al-Momani said on state TV. “Those who doubted Jordan’s power will soon see the proof as well. (Al-Kasasbeh’s) blood will not be shed in vain.”

In Amman and in the pilot’s hometown, crowds hit the streets, calling for revenge.

“With the blood and self,” protesters chanted, “we are sacrificing ourselves for Moath.”

One demonstrator held a poster that read: “They burned our hearts, so let’s burn their dens, and their prisoners in our prisons.”

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