From Brian Anderson, Down Trend

The liberal media and black activists keep telling us how racist America is against blacks, but the only stories of any credibility proving racism involve blacks threatening and attacking people with different skin color than them. In what has to be one of the most disturbing cases in recent memory, an angry black man beat a 54-year old grandfather to death with a baseball bat for no other reason than the victim was not black.

The Los Angeles Times reports that last Sunday Armando Barron, a Latino, was walking home from the grocery store to watch soccer on TV in the Southern California city of Rialto. He had the terrible misfortune of crossing paths with Jeremiah Bell, a 22-year old black man armed with an aluminum baseball bat and a racial grudge against society.

Without provocation, Bell began hitting Barron with the bat landing several blows to the head. A witness, who lives across the street from where the attack took place, saw the beating and yelled at Bell to stop. The assailant threw his bat and ran away. Barron was described as “bloody and dazed” after the attack. He was taken to a local hospital where, after several surgeries, he died of his injuries.

Security camera footage helped police identify Bell and arrest him. He told officers that he went out on a mission that Sunday to attack “anyone who isn’t black.” Bell was in court on Thursday “arraigned on attempted murder charges with an enhancement for use of a deadly weapon. He was also charged with a hate crime.” Prosecutors plan to add a murder charge once the medical examiner confirms Barron’s cause of death.

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