By Thomas Madison

It’s on! Tired of playing Mr. Nice Guy, Jeb Bush took off his dainty after dinner gloves today, deciding it is high time he got involved in a down-and-dirty street fight. The only problem is Bush is no street fighter, and he chose as his adversary a creatively vicious and very experienced carnivore of the street, who surrounds himself with geniuses even more creative than their boss.

From Politico:

“Seriously, what’s this guy’s problem?” [Bush] asked one party donor he ran into recently, according to accounts provided by several sources close to Bush—and he went on to describe the publicity-seeking real estate developer now surging in public polls far ahead of Bush and all the 15 others in the Republican field as “a buffoon,” “clown” and “asshole.”

So, how will the creative geniuses at Fort Trump respond to this latest multi-invective from a career parasite who, frankly, is not worthy to carry The Donald’s luggage? One can only imagine, but I am certain the prodigies in the backroom at Trump Tower are on it.