It is the opinion of medical experts and everyday citizens alike that there is something wrong with the Wicked Witch of Benghazi.

She does weird stuff. She laughs at inappropriate times. She passes out on the street. She disappears without explanation. Her Secret Service detail is always toting or dragging her around because she can’t stand. She has a handicap-equipped van with a wheelchair ramp. She is constantly having “medical episodes.” She has coughing fits. She responds in bizarre ways when asked multiple questions at once by reporters. This is why most experts believe that Hitlery is really sick. But has anyone considered that maybe she is just drunk all the time? Hmmmm?

Watch the following video as Hitlery talks to reporters on her plane. Clearly she is about to pass out. Is she sick or drunk? Take our poll below to let us know what you think….

Is Hitlery about to pass out because she is sick or drunk?

Very sick
Sick as hell!
Drunk as a skunk!
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