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Clearly, Hitlery’s candidacy is in deep trouble. CBS News political reporter Hannah Chanpong, who is traveling with the Clinton campaign, tweeted yesterday afternoon that a “source inside the Clint. camp” reported that Hitlery’s staff is resigning amid worries that she is dropping out of the race due to the added pressure of yesterday’s FBI release of more damning evidence in the private email/unsecure server/classified information/Clinton Foundation train wreck that the Wicked Witch of Benghazi is now wearing like a cinderblock necklace.

It is clear that Hitlery is sick and tired of campaigning. Literally, she is “sick” and no doubt “tired,” taking four days off a week to recuperate from her grueling campaign appearances before 200 people per appearance in high school gyms where she shrieks for ten minutes, then gets toted away without speaking to the press.

To add credibility to the tweet, Chanpong quickly deleted it, but as the saying goes, “the internet is forever.” You can BleachBit a server and destroy all of your phones and other mobile commo devices, but someone, somewhere is going to have seen and saved what you sent. That now obvious fact should give Hitlery many more sleepless nights.¬†We will update this breaking story as information¬†becomes available.

tweet from CBS' Hannah Chanpong