More and more blacks are getting it and they are spreading the word! They are seeing the Democrat Party for what it truly is, a foul group of entitled liberals who have lied to them for decades to gain their votes and keep them in a perpetual state of dependency.

As I proclaimed over two years ago, “The Democrat Party is dead. They just don’t know it yet.”

From BizPac Review

Conservative political commentator Candace Owens applauded the unfolding “Black Revolution” she witnessed as she attended an event at Stanford University.

The Turning Point USA Communications director admitted she was almost brought to tears after watching a black student wake up to the lies of Democrats.

Owens tweeted out a video clip of the student at the university on Tuesday, declaring he was “off the plantation” as the crowd cheered him on.  “I’m free!” he shouted.

Owens joined Turning Point colleague Charlie Kirk at the “Make Stanford Great Again” event Tuesday, presented by  Stanford College Republicans.

“I’ve been researching Black Lives Matter,” the student who stepped up tot the microphone shared, adding that he has found the group is “funded by white liberals.”

He explained that he feels they are “white liberals in blackface,” and they don’t care about black people.

“I realize white liberals don’t really care about me, bro,” he said, raising his voice.

“That’s correct,” Owens replied from the stage.

“I’m off the plantation, bro! I’m off the plantation, bro,” he declared as the crowd cheered. “I escaped the plantation, bro! I’m empowered!”

“They don’t want me to have power. They want to keep me dependent,” he continued, pointing out how liberals what to take “white liberal ideas” and “all that Hillary Clinton stuff” and “put it in blackface.”

He asked Owens and Kirk why the group, which he explained was founded by three lesbian women, does not mention black fathers on their website.

Owens noted that she, too, liked the Black Lives Matter idea at the beginning but warned that the left is “incredibly good at linguistics.”

“They manipulate you by using a term that no person in their right mind would be against,” Owens said, using Planned Parenthood as an example.

“Black Lives Matter is a political arm of the Democratic Party,” she told the audience, encouraging them to continue their “deep dive” of looking into things that “don’t make sense” in order to get to the truth.