By Thomas Madison

He may look like he is only twelve years old, but this young fellow is a pretty smart dude!

In an interview with Fox News’ Neil Cavuto, Democrat strategist, Harlan Hill, stated openly that he believes 40% of Bernie Sanders supporters will cross over and vote for Donald Trump if Hitlery wins the Democrat nomination.

Bernie supporters represent yet another demographic Trump can add to his voter base. The Donald enjoys record support among blacks, hispanics, blue collar workers, independents, and disgruntled Democrats.

Hill declared that, “almost 40% of Bernie Sanders’ supporters say that they will not support Hillary Clinton in the general election, and I expect that number to grow.”

“Alright, well where will they go?” interrupted Cavuto.

“Well, I think they will either stay home or they’ll cross over,” replied Hall. “I’ve been pretty clear on this….”

Hall was clearly annoyed as Cavuto, apparently a graduate of the Bill O’Reilly School of Broadcast Journalism, interrupted him a second time. “Who would they cross over to?” asked Cavuto.

Without hesitation they youngster answered, “Donald Trump. That’s it. They’re not going to vote for Ted Cruz.”

Cavuto asked the baby-faced Democrat if he would cross over to vote for The Donald. Not only did Hall affirm that he would cross over, but added, “I am looking at Donald Trump. I may cast a ballot in support of him. I may even actively work to elect him.” Wow!

Discounting voter fraud and voter machine tampering, Donald Trump will destroy Hitlery in the general election!