This article was originally published in August, 2015. I was the first conservative publisher on the Trump Train. Now, we all are. Except Shapiro. I have no idea what is wrong with that guy. I wrote this when Donald Trump was just beginning his campaign in 2015, when he was only one of 17 GOP presidential hopefuls, and the most demeaned by all of the other candidates and the media, even Fox where he was regarded as a “rodeo clown,” among other disparaging epithets. It was a look at the future under the potential leadership of a President Trump. 

As a writer, I often find great inspiration in the middle of the night. Weird how that happens, but I don’t question it. I am grateful for the inspiration and immediately try to turn it into something meaningful, jotting down key notes before I drowse off again.

So, I awoke at 3AM a few nights ago to a vision, a vision of a new America under the leadership of Donald Trump, and as I lay there awake I began to imagine the possibilities, trying my best to think out of the box, as The Donald does.

I considered the critically important issues facing America today, and took the following notes:

Trump on illegal immigration:

We can hardly discuss Trump’s plan to build the wall without also mentioning foreign trade, as the two are related.

Make no mistake, Trump will build the wall, he will secure the border, and he will make Mexico pay for it. He said he would do it, and he has a looooong history of doing what he says he is going to do.

Oh, I have heard his detractors ridicule him, most notably the Trump-hating morons on Fox, especially Dana Perino and Bill O’Reilly, both of whom have used the most condescending tones to describe what they believe is the insanity that Trump can force Mexico to pay for a wall they are fighting tooth and claw to prevent.

Trump has been asked on numerous occasions how he plans to force Mexico to pay for the wall, and while he has hinted at the answer, he has never come straight out and revealed it. I reckoned he was waiting until first debate night (Aug 6) to reveal the answer. I believe he was anxiously awaiting that question before being bushwacked by the moderators and forced to answer stupid questions regarding calling Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig, which clearly she is not. Rosie O’Donnell is a gross, repulsive manatee!

manatee  Rosie, at home in the pool

So, maybe The Donald will hold this revelation until the next debate, if he agrees to participate. Frankly, if I were him, I would buy an hour of time on another network, where he can have his own “debate.” He gets to answer questions he wants, questions that are relevant, an event he controls every aspect of, and he won’t be ambushed by a Barbie slut. He will bring in YUGE ratings for whichever network he chooses, so I would not be surprised that The Donald gets the network to pay him millions, instead of vice versa.

Back to Trump’s plan to force Mexico to pay for the wall. It is sooooo simple, unless, of course, you are a mouth-breathing inbred like Perino and O’Reilly.

Import tariff. It is that simple. Place an import tariff (duty, tax, whatever floats your boat) of any amount we wish on all Mexican imports, from tortillas to tequila. Let’s say 50%. Better yet, let’s make it 55%, in honor of Cinco de Mayo. That should really piss off Vicente Fox. BOOM! Mexico is paying for the wall.

Watch certified moron Dana Perino on Fox News and her condescending ignorance. This is from June, 2015. I wonder if Dana feels really, really stupid now. I doubt it. The worst part of being a moron is you don’t realize you are a moron. Fast forward to the 3:00 mark as Greg Gutfeld sets it up….

“But, but, but,” you say, “an import tariff isn’t Mexico paying for the wall. That is the American consumer paying for the wall.” Not exactly. You see, 55% is a hypothetical. There is a point at which Mexican manufacturers can no longer compete with American manufacturers. Maybe it is 75%. Maybe it is 100%. Maybe it is 200%. Whatever it is, fine, that is where we establish the rate.

This may make it easier to understand. We may have to totally ban all Mexican products in order to jump start American manufacturers of the same products. We can do that! We are in the driver’s seat. That’s the important point. We have leverage, Mexico has none! When those American manufacturers are producing and prosperous again, they are also paying US taxes. BOOM! Mexico is paying for the wall.

“But, but, but,” you say, “that is isolationist.”

YEP! America first!

The Mexican model applies to all US foreign trade partners, by the way – China and Japan in particular.

The premise of Donald’s theory and plan is this: The most valuable thing in the history of recorded time is the American consumer market. We own it. We control it. It is worth 17 trillion dollars a year…. and we are giving it away for FREE to strangers who could give a rip about us! That is stupid!

Bottom line – Trump WILL build the wall and make Mexico pay for it. Now you know how. Bank on it!

Trump on foreign trade:

As with Mexico, so too China, Japan, et al. No more free rides. You pay for access to the American consumer market. No pay, no play. Boom! Balanced budget, debt reduction, American manufacturers competitive again, the US economy booming in every sector from jobs to wages to tax revenue. A rebirth of American prosperity. Long before Donald Trump was on the presidential scene, I wrote this pro-tariff article regarding the restoration of America’s once-dominant economy. Link…. Time to Stop Being Stupid!

Trump on ISIS:

Destroy them in place. It should take every bit of a few weeks. We just need a leader who tells his generals, “DO IT!” They will happily and gratefully accept the mission.

Trump on Iran:

Trump will be forced to deal with this issue quickly, as every day is another day closer the nutjobs in Iran are to building a nuke, annihilating Israel, and pointing their ICBMs toward Europe and the US.

President Trump will meet with the Iranians. You may call it a negotiation if you like, if that makes you feel better. It will be a very short meeting, probably less than ten minutes, consisting of a Donald Trump monologue, which will go something like this:

“Good morning, your Ayatollahness. Any deal you had with Barack Hussein is dead! You will receive no money from us. NONE! All sanctions are back in place, plus some new and creative ones my team of certified geniuses has come up with. I’m sure you will enjoy them.

As of right now (Trump checks his watch), you have 24 hours to dismantle your nuclear program. Our inspectors will arrive tomorrow morning to inspect every square inch of your facilities to ensure compliance.

‘Oh, yeah?’ you ask. ‘And what will you big, bad Americans do if we ignore your arrogance?’

Nothing! We will just get out of Israel’s way. They can handle this. They are fueling their jets right now. Of course, we will back them with air refueling, satellite and air reconnaissance, etc, as any good ally would do. Our armed forces are also on alert in the event the Israelis need help, which is very unlikely, but who knows, they may get tired of bombing you into next week and ask us to give them a break.

You now have 23 hours and 59 minutes. Have a nice day.”

Trump on military and national security:

Among Trump’s chief priorities as President is taking care of our veterans. He understands the sacrifices they have made to give him and you and I the opportunities we have enjoyed. Unlike most of the career parasites in Congress who have been screwing veterans for decades, Donald Trump, as did Ronald Reagan, understands! There is much power in that understanding.

Trump will drastically increase defense spending to make America’s armed forces once again the envy of the world. I was a young Army officer under the command of Ronald Reagan. Almost immediately upon his inauguration substantial pay raises for active duty military personnel were implemented and defense spending was increased. Military morale shot through the roof. I recall with much sadness Army NCOs who had previously been relying on food stamps to feed their families. That is sinful!

Trump, again, like Reagan, believes in peace through superior firepower. It is the ONLY true deterrent to rogue dictators and superpowers alike. The Ronald took down the Soviet empire without firing a shot. He did it by outspending the Russians on defense. They tried to keep up but it was hopeless, ultimately destroying their economy, and dissolving the Soviet Union.

On military and national security, The Ronald and The Donald are philosophical brothers. Peace through superior firepower!

Energy policy: Drilling in ANWR+

Adding to the Trump renaissance will be an explosion in domestic oil and gas production. Donald Trump has long been an advocate of seizing control of the global oil market from OPEC, which has manipulated the market for decades to their own benefit, and to the detriment of Mom and Pop America, by controlling production. When they want the price to rise, they slow production until the price point is where they want it. When they want the price to fall, to choke off an upstart competitor (like Dakota shale), they glut the market until the barrel price is at a point that the domestic competitor cannot survive. The recent (past year or so) of falling oil prices have been precisely that, OPEC attempting to force US domestic production out of the market so that OPEC can maintain control.

We have allowed crybaby environmentalists and corrupt politicians with special interest lobbies in their back pockets to squelch domestic oil production. Trump has no use for either! Look for him to drill, baby, drill!

If we begin oil exploration on federal land owned by We the People, NOT Barack Hussein, a cascade of benefits will ensue.

Let’s consider one small example. ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, located along the Alaskan North Slope) represents a small fraction (3%) of all federal land. It has a production capacity of 1.45 million barrels of oil per day. At $43 a barrel (current crude price), that is over $62 million dollars…. PER DAY! Just ANWR. That money belongs to the American people. We can use it to pay off our national debt, to reduce our tax burden, or receive it in an annual dividend.


Due to increased domestic oil production US dependence on foreign oil has been steadily falling for the past several years. Oil imports were 60% of total US oil consumption in 2008. It dropped to 40% in 2013, and is forecast to drop to 21% in 2015, roughly 4 million barrels a day of imported oil. ANWR production alone can cut that figure nearly in half. We can easily be completely energy independent within a few years just by opening federal land (owned by We the People) to oil exploration. An absolute no-brainer! We can also export excess production to our allies. More money for America!

The benefits are manifold and compounding:

  1. JOBS! Entry level roughnecks in North Dakota earn $40 an hour. That’s over $80,000 a year, not including overtime, for an entry level laborer. And the job benefits are many. The Pittsburgh/Wheeling area is now exploding with oil and gas production.
  1. Exploding GDP. Potentially, a trillion dollars annually could be added to the US GDP.
  1. The US federal tax base will increase dramatically as a result, from corporate taxes to payroll taxes.
  1. What to do with the peoples’ money from domestic oil and gas production on federal land. Such a problem. As mentioned previously, we can apply it to our national debt, use it to reduce our tax burden, or take the money in dividends. The state of Alaska does this. Every year each resident of Alaska receives his or her share of oil revenue.

It may require regulating the barrel price of oil to make domestic oil production work to its greatest benefit. I believe the profit point to be around $50 a barrel, at which domestic producers can produce profitably. $50 barrels of oil equate to less than $2 per gallon at the pump, including state taxes, which vary by state.

The advantages of having a creative genius, visionary patriot, and experienced master of the business world like Donald Trump in our White House are off-the-charts fantastic! If elected, he will go down in history as an even greater president than Ronald Reagan and among the very greatest in history.

Please add your own ideas regarding the benefits of a Trump presidency in the comments section, below.

Go, Donald! Make America great again!