The George Bushes, both the elder and the younger, as well as Little Jebbie, have declared that they are “going to sit this one out,” refusing to back Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee for President.

I reckon they are a little butt-hurt over the ass-whipping The Donald handed Jeb, who was the early anointed Republican presidential candidate, and began his campaign insulting and attacking Trump, then claiming that Trump is the insulter and attacker.

Mike Huckabee, good, honest, decent guy, has a few words for the Bushies…. if you can’t support the GOP candidate for president, then GTFO!

The video, below, makes clear the source of the Bush butt-hurt. Little Jebbie got his ass handed to him over and over by The Donald. Bush would go on the attack, insulting Trump, who would then defend himself, and offer a retaliatory invective or two along the way.

Now the Bushes want to pout and cry because they weren’t handed the brass ring this time around. Newsflash, Bushies! You have to earn that brass ring. We the People will decide who gets it.

I voted for the Georges four times! Like Mike Huckabee, I didn’t agree with everything they stood for, but I voted for them anyway, because they were a far better choice than the Democrat alternative.

Now these three f**king wimps are going to contribute to handing Hitlery the presidency. Treason is not a word I use often, but I consider the Bushes’ declared absence in the upcoming election a vote for Hitlery and treasonous. It is beyond belief to me that these two former American REPUBLICAN presidents would go AWOL and would rather see our nation go down the drain than to vote for someone who, in defending himself, insulted a member of their family.

By the way, didn’t Little Jebbie join the pledge early in the primary season to support the eventual GOP nominee, no matter who it is? YES, he did!

Go to hell, Bushes! May history now record your treason and remember you accordingly.