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Editor’s Note – In the case of Richard Nixon, it was the cover-up. In the case of Hillary Clinton, its all of the above – what law did she not break? Then there is the cover-up, but we still posit, it was also about the set-up.

The FBI has ratcheted up the investigation into a “full-blown” effort because of the “materially false” statements she and others have made to the public, the FBI, and through third parties, all felonies.

In our opinion, it was all intentionally conceived from the beginning to keep the citizenry from knowing what she was up to by preventing the use of FOIA laws governing her email documents.

It appears that she and Bill clearly designed a system to keep us in the dark because, and again, in our opinion, they knew they were going to use her new position as Secretary of State to line their pockets through their foundations.

Trump is correct when he said; “[Hillary] broke the law 100%.” Trump added, “What [Hillary] did was a crime.” (Political Insider)

How she makes it past Saturday night at the next debate is a puzzle to law abiding voters, but even Bernie Sanders will not attack what is clearly a racket. Maybe she needs to face some honest moderators but we do not hold out hope for CBS.

We have said it before, this maybe a RICO case. We wonder where the leaks are emanating from and hope that if AG Loretta Lynch does not bring charges and decide to prosecute, those leaks may burst into a flood ala “The Saturday Night Massacre” from Watergate days.

Even her supporters and apologists will not deter a very “independent” and thorough FBI investigation through denials and excuses on the talking head networks that so adore her.

There was more than just “grossly mishandled” information, this was intentional!

Report: FBI Investigating Whether ‘Materially False’ Statements Given In Hillary Email Probe

By Chuck Ross – Daily Caller

The FBI has expanded its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server and is now looking into whether “materially false” statements were given to federal agents, Fox News is reporting.

Sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News that agents are focusing on U.S. Code 18, Section 1001 which governs “materially false” statements made in writing, orally or through a third party. The section could apply to Clinton, her aides or her attorneys if they made any misleading or false statements about her emails which caused federal agents to expend more resources and time on the investigation.

Violations of the code are punishable by up to five years in prison.

“This is a broad, brush statute that punishes individuals who are not direct and fulsome in their answers,” Timothy Gill, a former FBI agent who worked in the agency’s national security branch, told Fox News.

“It is a cover-all. The problem for a defendant is when their statements cause the bureau to expend more time, energy, resources to de-conflict their statements with the evidence,” he added.Hillary.MateriallyFalse

Politico reported earlier this week that the FBI has ramped up its investigation. While the probe was initially characterized as a fact-finding inquiry, one former FBI official told the news outlet that it now resembles a “full-blown investigation.” The FBI is now interviewing State Department officials about whether classified information was mishandled on Clinton’s homebrew email setup. The agency has also requested documents from tech companies that Clinton hired to manage her email system.

Fox had previously reported that the FBI’s investigation focused on whether Clinton’s email server — and the emails that passed through it — violated a portion of the Espionage Act pertaining to “gross negligence” in handling sensitive government information.

The Intelligence Community’s inspector general has flagged two emails Clinton received on her personal email account that contained “top secret” information when they were sent. That’s in addition to more than 600 emails that the State Department has retroactively determined contain “confidential” information — the lowest classification category.

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