Mystery Man has left the building!

Remember the guy in Hitlery’s inner circle who looked like a Secret Service agent, but wasn’t? Many guessed that he was Hitlery’s personal doc.

When Hitlery freezes onstage, having a seizure or whatever her problem is, which has become a regular occurrence, Mystery Man has been there to bring the Wicked Witch back to reality, putting his hand on her shoulder and gently whispering in her ear to bring her out of her trance, behavior no Secret Service agent would dare.

Mystery Man’s privileged station and clout within the Butcher of Benghazi’s inner circle became apparent as he pushed Secret Service agents aside to attend to Hitlery’s latest freakout.

Well, he is gone! Disappeared. Nowhere to be found since alternative media sites like Powdered Wig outed the Mystery Man, which we did in an article published nearly two weeks ago. See that story and video here…. Hitlery’s Latest Freakout